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In a digital data storage audio tape system having a host device interface unit, a main data buffer manager, a main data buffer, a processor, a data separator, a tape drive unit, and a read/write channel, this invention comprises a formatter providing track construction, encoding and decoding, error ...

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A method for wirelessly communicating data between a plurality of avionics units on an aircraft and a data communication apparatus. The method includes wirelessly communicating download data for one avionics unit from the data communication apparatus to an aircraft data services link in the aircraft ...

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An anti-flutter apparatus for a head mounted visual display having servo-controlled reflective surfaces to provide corrections to head rotations which occur before a visual scene generation system is able to respond to the head movement.

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A process for the recovery of substantially pure zirconium values from zircon sand which also contains Ra, U, Hf, Pb and other metal values, comprising contacting zircon sand in a chlorinator with a chlorination medium to form an off-gas stream containing chlorides of Zr, Hf, Si, and tract U. The of ...

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In some configurations, the present invention is an apparatus for monitoring events on board a transportation vehicle. The apparatus includes a communication system configured to stream data from the transportation vehicle to an external location at least one monitoring device configured to collect ...

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A locking assembly is provided for vehicle wheels, such as those found on an automobile. A control cable is hand manipulated from the interior of the vehicle to permit a bias element on a locking stud to extend through one of a series of circumferentially defined locking holes through a holding plat ...

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This invention is a beginning-of-tape/end-of-tape detection apparatus and method for use in a tape drive system having supply reel, take-up reel, and capstan motion sensors. The invention comprises monitoring means for monitoring each of the angular position signals and processor means for computing ...

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This invention is a method and apparatus for the automatic calibration of the magnetic head offset angles in a helical scan rotating head drum and the generation of idealized track timing for recording and reading magnetic tape. A calibration tape is used to provide calibration marks and in conjunct ...

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A method and apparatus for remotely downloading data from a selected one of a plurality of avionics line replaceable units (LRUs) on an aircraft. In one configuration, a method includes transmitting a message wirelessly to a receiver on the aircraft identifying an LRU having data to be downloaded; s ...

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An apparatus and method for the commutation of a brushless dc motor having a rotor and a plurality of coils, and an encoder generating quadrature signals responsive to the rotation of the rotor. The commutation apparatus comprises a commutation control device, coupled to the encoder, for controlling ...