David P Holmes, Douglas A Golay: Camera with improved focus mechanism. Integra Medical, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, February 1, 2000: US06019721 (24 worldwide citation)

A focus mechanism having an actuator positioned near the rear of a handheld piece and that allows a lens element to be moved with respect to a stationary image sensor to achieve a range of focus. When implemented as a manual focusing feature of an intraoral dental camera or handpiece, the focus mech ...

Noubar Nalbandian, David P Holmes, Alan B Fletcher: Pollution free multi-chambered burner. Envirometrix, David H Deits, Gene M Grantham, Roy E Mattern Jr, March 28, 1978: US04080909 (10 worldwide citation)

A multi-chambered combuster apparatus for the controlled burning of all forms of light combustible organic material and the generation of steam or dry heat energy, resulting in essentially pollution free combustion as atmospheric emissions have zero opacity and low particulate discharge. A primary c ...

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