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A manual pick-up device includes a housing having a handle at one end, a fixed upper jaw at an opposite end, and a longitudinally extending shank extending therebetween. A movable jaw member is pivotally supported within the housing and extends outwardly through a housing opening to enable cooperati ...

David Landsberger: Modular test tube rack arrangement. Anthony F Cuoco, December 8, 1992: US05169603 (33 worldwide citation)

A plurality of test tube racks are disposed side by side and coupled together at their opposite sides via clamps to form a modular test tube rack arrangement. A handle or handles engage(s) the clamps to provide a balanced pivot handle arrangement for transporting a modular set of connected racks.

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A battery operated eyewash system is disclosed which includes a liquid spraying device operable by rechargeable batteries through a spring loaded slideable switch, in combination with a hood secured to the liquid spraying device. The liquid spraying device further includes a nozzle which extends in ...

David Landsberger: Eating utensil for use by the manually impaired. Anthony F Cuoco, June 28, 1983: US04389777 (22 worldwide citation)

An eating utensil for use by the manually impaired is disclosed. An easily grasped utensil handle is provided which may be weighted to enhance the use of the utensil. The handle may carry adjustably positioned rings for supporting the fingers of the user and may be built-up by having a sleeve dispos ...

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A modular rack assembly includes a plurality of interconnected support modules sandwiched between a pair handle modules with a pair of elongate fastener assemblies securing the modules together. The length of the rack assembly may be adjusted by adding or taking away modules. Each module is of I-bea ...

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The invention provides a leakproof sealing system for an eyewash delivery apparatus that extends shelf life of sterile or preserved irrigant solution and is tamper evident. The sealing system has a cap that is positioned over an eye-cup. The boss extends from the cap and surrounds a plurality of spr ...

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A device for collecting and storing a sample from relatively hard or loose products includes a container having an open end and a sample collection unit. The sample collection unit has a cap adapted to close the container open end, a handle extending rearwardly from the cap, and a coring scoop exten ...

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A laboratory rack assembly for supporting columns and receptacle tubes and other paraphernalia during laboratory procedures such as such as filtration, chromatography, plasma preparation, affinity purification, and so on, includes upper and lower support portions that are connected together for rela ...

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A non-metallic laboratory jack comprises two oppositely disposed reinforcing elements having I-beam cross-sectional configuration disposed in the central elevational region of the jack; a base position below the reinforcing elements and a load-bearing platform positioned above the reinforcing elemen ...

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A modular laboratory cabinet assembly includes a pair of end units in inverted relation to one another, and at least one intermediate module interposed therebetween. A door is pivotably attached to the end units. Each end unit having a plurality of elongated supporting members and the intermediate m ...