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A method of preparing polyurethane packaging foam for dispensing into a container in which an article is present to be packaged for shipping, wherein the temperature of the polyurethane foam being dispensed into the container is reduced, as is the maximum reaction exotherm temperature. The method in ...

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A flexible, latex-like polyurethane foam having the “feel” and comfort of a latex foam and an Indentation Force Deflection (25% IFD as low as 3 lbs.) and the method of making such foam by reacting a mixture of triol polyether polyols, namely, a) a major proportion of a triol polyol having a hydroxyl ...

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The present invention relates to a method of producing flexible polyurethane foam having reduced discoloration which utilizes low molecular weight alkanes or mixtures thereof as auxiliary blowing agents. More particularly, the present invention relates to the use of auxiliary blowing agents which ar ...