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An apparatus for simultaneously testing or burning in a large number of the integrated circuit chips on a product wafer includes probes mounted on a first board and tester chips mounted on a second board, there being electrical connectors connecting the two boards. The tester chips are for distribut ...

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A heat dissipation apparatus for cooling one or more electronic devices. The apparatus utilizes a moving heat sink a portion of which is in contact with the device to be cooled. The moving heat sink may be in the form of a rotating disk, moving belt or strip. The heat sink may be made from various m ...

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A cover assembly for a socket suitable to accommodate modules of varying thicknesses which can be advantageously used for final test and burn-in test is described. The assembly is characterized by having a low profile and includes a hinged lid; a floating shaft coupled to two cams pivoting on the fl ...

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The present invention provides a method for forming an improved lead-on chip semiconductor module and an improved module of this type. In a lead-on chip semiconductor device, a semiconductor chip which has a major surface having input and output bonding pads thereon, is secured to a lead frame havin ...

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A high power capacity magnetron cathode has coolant fluid control surfaces attached to a supporting structure of a magnet array housed by a magnet array housing. The coolant fluid control surfaces provide radial and axial pumping and circulatory action of liquid coolant introduced into the magnet ar ...

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A socket for testing or burning-in electronic components has a cover including a heat sink and a sensor. The heat sink and sensor are spring loaded so they make direct, temporary contact to an electronic component in the socket during burn-in. A heat transferring device is coupled to each heat sink. ...

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A method, system and apparatus for testing an electronic device. The method including: (a) forming a temporary liquid heat transfer layer on a surface of the electronic device; after step (a), (b) placing a surface of a heat sink into physical contact with a surface of the heat transfer layer; after ...

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A system for controlling the temperature an electronic component. The system includes a block for temporarily engaging a surface of the component. The block includes channels for circulating a temperature controlling fluid to control a temperature the block and the attached component.

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A method and system for testing wafers, and particularly a wafer test system employing probes to provide for electrical contact with a device under test (DUT) which is located on a wafer. More particularly, also provided is a method and system for implementing wafer tests where the probes first cont ...

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An electronic sensor for detecting when a septic tank reaches it's design capacity. The sensor uses a sonar transponder to measure the thickness of the three layers of material present in a properly operating septic tank. The sonar transponder is encapsulated in a environmentally sealed sensor assem ...