Daniel G Bobrow, Warren B Jackson, David Kalman Biegelsen: Mobius combination of reversion and return path in a paper transport system. Xerox Corporation, Perman & Green, August 19, 2003: US06607320 (131 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for processing a substrate on two sides. A substrate has a first edge as a leading edge in a process direction and a first side in a face-up orientation. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises an input pathway for receiving the substrate from a substrate processing station, a statio ...

Warren B Jackson, David Kalman Biegelsen, Daniel G Bobrow: Flexible sheet reversion using an omni-directional transport system. Xerox Corporation, Perman & Green, April 29, 2003: US06554276 (131 worldwide citation)

A flexible sheet handling apparatus comprising an input section for receiving the flexible sheet, a reversion section for rotating the flexible sheet about an axis of motion and an output section for transferring the rotated flexible sheet to a sheet processing system.

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A stretchable interconnect for electrically connecting electronic devices comprises a photolithographically patterned conductor extending between two of said devices for electrically coupling a contact of one device to a contact of another device. The stretchable interconnect preferably comprises a ...

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A decoupling mechanism is provided for passively or actively decoupling an exhaust from a modular air transport system by diverting an amount of air exiting a channel in a first module in a direction other than the process direction through use of the Coanda effect. This decouples the amount of air ...

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A device for enhancing the transport of sheets in a printing machine is constructed upstream of the image transfer station to flatten the paper against the transport belt or drum on which it is riding. An air cushion is generated by expelling pressurized air through an array of holes to provide an a ...

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A low cost, reusable electric paper that uses ferrofluidic colored fluids and an external magnetic writing instrument. The paper can be formed from laminated rolls of polymeric media that are roller die cut, inked, aligned, bonded and cut to an appropriate size. The paper is formed from layers that ...

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Position sensors having an active area are assembled into an array in which the electrodes of adjacent sensors are offset and interleaved so that the electrodes are adjacent an active area, thereby avoiding dead spots. The position sensor array is position adjacent to the path of an object opposite ...

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A toner jet printer and method of use for printing images by manipulating individual toner particles using two-dimensional print cell arrays built by micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) technologies. Toner particles are positioned by aerodynamic forces controlled by microvalves within each print ...

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A method and apparatus for improved cutting of an object is provided. The object can take the form of many different structures including thin formations that require cutting precision, support, and dimensional control. In accordance with one example embodiment of the present invention, the method o ...

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A system and method for allocation of actuators is provided. Electrodes having several voltages are assigned to actuators within correlation regions of the actuators. By varying the voltages, a desired actuation profile for the actuators may be achieved.