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Disclosed are non-periodic microstructured optical fibers that guide radiation by index guiding. By appropriate choice of core region and cladding region, the effective refractive index difference .DELTA. between core region and cladding can be made large, typically greater than 5% or even 10 or 20% ...

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An optical transmission fiber is formed to include a relatively low-index, relatively thin outer cladding layer disposed underneath the protective polymer outer coating. Stray light propagating along an inner cladding layer(s) within the fiber will be refracted into the thin outer cladding (by prope ...

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In accordance with the invention, light is coupled from a plurality of semiconductor emitters to a cladding-pumped fiber via tapered fiber bundles fusion spliced to the cladding-pumped fiber. Individual semiconductor broad stripe emitters can be coupled to individual multimode fibers. The individual ...

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A cladding-pumped fiber structure, suitable for use as a laser, provides for efficient clad-to-core energy transfer. The outside interface of the pump-clad is constructed from a rod-shaped preform by local melt-displacement using an open flame.

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A cladding-pumped fiber structure is disclosed in which mode mixing of pump light injected into the fiber is induced by index modulation. In one embodiment, the index modulation is created by a stress-inducing region disposed in the cladding which simultaneously maintains the polarization within the ...

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Optical fiber according to the invention comprises a core, with an inner cladding surrounding the core, and an outer cladding surrounding the inner one. The fiber comprises preform-derived glass. The outer cladding comprises a first outer cladding region between the inner cladding region and a secon ...

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In an optical fiber light source a section of multimode fiber is interposed between an energizing laser (e.g,, a diode laser) and a single mode fiber active medium. In a preferred embodiment the single mode fiber active medium is surrounded by a multimode cladding coupled to the multimode fiber. The ...

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A cladding pumped optical fiber laser comprises a length of optical fiber having a rare earth-doped region of diameter d.sub.RE >d.sub.01 where d.sub.01 is the mode diameter of the LP.sub.01 mode of the fiber at the laser radiation at wavelength .lambda.. In one embodiment the fiber has a core diame ...

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Applicants have determined that the temperature sensitivity of long-period grating devices is due to differential variation with temperature of the refractive indices of the core and cladding. They have further determined that the cladding profile and fiber composition can be redesigned to substanti ...

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The specification describes a technique for drawing circular core multimode optical fiber using twist during draw to increase fiber bandwidth.