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A toner comprised of pigment, and an addition polymer resin generated from about 55 to about 80 weight percent of styrene, from about 1 to about 25 weight percent of acrylate, from about 1 to about 20 weight percent of acrylonitrile, and from about 0.5 to about 5 weight percent of acrylic acid.

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A process for forming, isolating and purifying xanthophyll crystals, preferably lutein from marigold flower petals, zeaxanthin from wolfberries or capsanthin and capsorubin from red pepper, is disclosed. A xanthophyll diester-containing plant extract is saponified in a composition of propylene glyco ...

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A process for the preparation of toner by, for example, mixing a colorant, a latex, a wax and a dual coagulant mixture comprising water solubilized silica with an alumina coating referred to as aluminized silica and a polyaluminum chloride to provide, for example, a toner composition of different gl ...

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Disclosed is a process which comprises (1) incorporating into a printing apparatus capable of generating ink jet images a carbonless paper set comprising a first sheet, a second sheet, and optional intermediate sheets situated between the first sheet and second sheet, wherein the first sheet compris ...

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A process for isolating and purifying lycopene crystals from a biological lycopene source is disclosed. A lycopene-containing oleoresin is saponified in a composition of propylene glycol and aqueous alkali to form lycopene crystals. Crystallization is achieved without the use of added organic solven ...

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Provided are a latex process and a toner process, both of which include the preparation of a latex having weight average molecular weight of from about 12×103 to about 24×103. The latex is manufactured under monomer-starved polymerization condition such as monomer feeding rate equal to or less than ...