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A warm-up deoiling process for lube oil slack wax wherein cold slack wax from a solvent dewaxing operation is warmed up and mixed with solvent to dissolve foots oil contained therein and passed to a rotary drum filter to recover solid wax and a filtrate comprising a solution of foots oil and solvent ...

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Low value hydrocarbons can be upgraded by contact with the products formed during irradiation of a hydrogen donor using microwave energy in the presence of at least one plasma initiator.

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A dewaxing process is described wherein a waxy petroleum oil stock such as residual or a broadcut feedstock, characterized by containing at least 10% of residual material boiling above about 1000.degree. F., is mixed with at least about 0.3 volumes of a dewaxing solvent per volume of waxy oil stock, ...

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An improved process for the solvent dewaxing of petroleum oil stocks. Wax-containing oil is chilled in an elongated chilling zone by introducing cold dewaxing solvent into said zone, at a plurality of points along same, said chilling zone containing or having associated with it a plurality of static ...

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An improved dilution chilling dewaxing process for waxy petroleum oils wherein the dewaxed oil yield is increased and the solvent recovery requirements are decreased by recycling solvent-rich wash filtrate from the first stage wax filters back into the dilution chilling dewaxing zone.

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A method for increasing the production of deasphalted oil is described. The method comprises passing a hydrocarbon feedstock into a first distillation zone wherein the feedstock is separated into a first distillate and a first residuum. First residuum is passed to a second distillation zone wherein ...

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Polyvinylpyrrolidone having a number average molecular weight ranging from about 150,000 to 400,000 has been found to be an effective dewaxing aid for bright stock in ketone dewaxing processes. Using as little as 100 ppm based on the waxy oil can result in almost a 50% increase in the filter rate of ...