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A mobile vehicular repeater detects the termination of a received transmission from a portable transceiver to be repeated and, in response to such detection, activates the up-link radio transmitter so as to send an acknowledgement signal to the message originating portable transceiver station signif ...

David F Mears: Programmable radio. General Electric Company, M Masnik, R C Lampe Jr, June 25, 1985: US04525865 (66 worldwide citation)

An arrangement for externally programming a radio upon proper identification under microcomputer control using fixed and transient memories without removing or adding circuit modules to the radio.

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A system is disclosed for sending parasitic digital packets over a trunked radio system network during the time that a trunking channel is unoccupied. The parasitic digital packets are received by one or more parasitic receivers, which are not a part of the conventional trunked radio system. To ensu ...