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A magnetic position and orientation determining system uses magnetic fields, desirably including uniform fields from Helmholtz coils positioned on opposite sides of a sensing volume and gradient fields generated by the same coils. By monitoring field components detected at the probes during applicat ...

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A system for locating objects in space, such as medical instruments within the body of a patient, based upon transmission of magnetic fields from coils in a fixed frame of reference to sensors on the object or visa-versa. The current supplied to the coils is adjusted to assure that the sensors recei ...


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Apparatus for determining the position of a probe in a sensing volume includes a plurality of magnetic field generating sources for generating different magnetic fields in the sensing volume, where the sources have a planar configuration and are positioned so that they at least partially overlap one ...

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Medical apparatus for synthetic view point imaging includes an instrument insertable into the body of a patient. Using tissue image information defining an image of the patient's body, and defining the position of the distal end of the instrument within the body, synthetic images of the patient's bo ...

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A collapsible ultrasonic reflector incorporates a gas-filled reflector balloon, a liquid-filled structural balloon an ultrasonic transducer disposed within the structural balloon. Acoustic energy emitted by the transducer is reflected by a highly reflective interface between the balloons. In a cardi ...

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A system for determining the disposition of a probe within the body of a patient includes a probe having probe field transducers and a plurality of reference field transducers. The reference field transducers are independently movable with respect to one another to desired, customizable positions cl ...

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An apparatus and method for applying sonic energy within the body of the living subject. A probe for applying sonic energy within the body of a subject includes a probe body having a proximal and a distal end adapted for insertion into the body of a subject, a spatially-distributed sonic transducer ...

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The present invention relates to magnetic field sensors used to detect the position and orientation of medical probes within the body of a patient. The sensors of the present invention are especially adapted for use as independently positionable reference transducer assemblies.