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A system and method for processing in a distributed manner satellite position system (SPS) information. In one example of the invention, a first mobile SPS receiver receives SPS signals from a plurality of SPS satellites and transmits a position information to a wireless cell based station which is ...

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A distributed control system is provided where the controllers are split into two dissimilar groups and flight control responsibility is further allocated within each group such that one entire group plus one further controller can fail without compromising the pilot's ability to fly the aircraft.

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Golf practising apparatus suitable for practising golf strokes of a low arc swing comprises a golf club having an opening through its shaft which is normal to the strike surface of the head of the club, a pair of rods extending one above the other through the opening with slight clearance between th ...

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A system for modular construction provided by interconnectable and stackable polymeric blocks having end and side walls connected to a top wall, and exterior and interior cylinders. The exterior cylinders are matable with the interior cylinders of a connecting block, and apertures in the top wall al ...

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A desktop application and supporting web site for recording voice-over or music sessions is introduced, wherein the production staff and talent may be in separate remote locations. The application includes providing a high quality data format for transferring audiovisual data, recordings and the lik ...

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A connector includes a barrel defining a cavity. A front portion is configured to removably mate with the barrel. An electrically conductive elongated pin is positioned in the opening of the front portion and the cavity of the barrel. The pin extends through a distal end of the front portion, and th ...

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An electronic engine controller is provided in which a backup controller or independent protection module is located in a sealed housing

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A system and method enable processing and displaying of test results in accordance with information and specifications provided by the client requiring such services. Skills examined by a test are identified, and skill-by-skill analysis of test results is provided. Performance within constituent ski ...

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The invention provides a water feature comprising a vessel containing a volume of water and means for imparting rotational motion thereto, wherein means are also provided for varying the height of the volume of water in the vessel. The invention also provides a method of operating a water feature co ...

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An air bag restraint system has an air bag module located centrally of a steering wheel and secured with respect thereto by at least one fastener, the air bag module including an inflator and a screw for arming the inflator, an interlock is associated with the screw which will prevent release of the ...