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An Enhanced Deep Soil Vapor Extraction Process and Apparatus utilizes heaters placed into the soil at least to the depth of contamination and a vapor/condensate extraction system that withdraws volatilized contaminant vapors from the subsurface and any condensate that collects in the extraction well ...

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An improved process for the remediation of soil contaminated by the presence therein of organic or semi-volatile inorganic contaminants which comprises (1) supplying thermal energy to the soil at one or more locations under the surface of the soil, (2) collecting the vapors resulting from contaminan ...

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An in-situ thermal desorption system utilizes perforated or slotted pipe buried in the soil below the depth of contamination in the soil. The surface of the soil is covered with a layer of permeable insulation (to conserve heat and to provide a gas migration path on top of the soil) and a layer of i ...

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A soil heater assembly (SHA) utilizes for example, two or more, 5 ft by 10 ft heating sections rigidly bolted together. Each section contains three NICHROME heating elements encased in ceramic beads which are floatingly pinned to a 4-inch thick ceramic fiber insulation encased in NEXTEL cloth. The h ...

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An improved in-situ soil decontamination heating process utilizes a submerged vapor recovery system comprising perforated or slotted pipes buried in the contaminated soil or below the depth of contamination. The pipes may be buried in a manifold arrangement and may contain thermocouples to monitor t ...

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A heater blanket for use in soil remediation utilizes a rigid construction which isolates the heater elements from air, water, and contaminant vapors which could act to oxidize, embrittle or otherwise degrade the integrity of the electrical heaters. A rigid structural frame is constructed from a sup ...

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This invention relates to a process for extracting styrene from a styrene-containing hydrocarbon feedstock by: