Danny L Padgett: Pelletized animal bedding and process and tool for sifting manure therefrom. William Weigl, November 5, 2002: US06474267 (17 worldwide citation)

Animal manure is removed from a bedding material consisting of compacted and compressed pelletized sawdust particles or granules of relatively uniform size by a pellet fork specifically designed to enable the pellets or particles to sift through the tines of the fork while retaining all but the tini ...

Danny L Padgett: Flooring components and unitary permanent floor constructed therefrom. William Weigl, November 16, 2006: US20060254529-A1

A plurality of rectangular mat sections that are light enough in weight so as to be handled manually are assembled within an animal stall and permanently adhesively secured to one another into an integral, unitary mat assembly. The mat sections have overlapping surfaces for adhesive reception and ar ...