Edward G Eeg, Daniel J Grosse, Emer E Schaefer: Bag-in-box package. S C Johnson & Son, March 28, 1989: US04815631 (57 worldwide citation)

An improved bag-in-box container which has an opening in the front wall which functions both as a hand-hold and means to hold the pouring means. The container also has a second hand-hold on the rear wall positioned diagonally opposite the first opening.

Pasupathikoil R Sampath, Daniel J Grosse: Crosslinkable surface coatings and methods for producing same. S C Johnson & Son, July 6, 1993: US05225460 (7 worldwide citation)

A method for producing a novel evaporable dispersion is disclosed. The dispersion exhibits shelf-storage stability at room temperature for more than 1 year. Such a dispersion, upon evaporation of the evaporable components, is able to form a crosslinked surface coating on a substrate upon curing at r ...