Tim Strandell
John M Lipscomb, Timothy B Strandell, Daniel J DeLay: Cat litter scoop holder. GHL International, Boyle Fredrickson Newholm, Stein & Gratz Sc, January 29, 2004: US20040016860-A1

A cat litter scoop holder that includes scoop retaining walls that define a pocket for receiving a cat litter scoop. The holder includes a base upon which it sets upright. Its sides can be open to promote airflow. The pocket includes a drain. The base preferably is hollow such that it forms a chambe ...

Stanley L Suring, Jonathan D Supanich, Betsy M Lipscomb, John M Lipscomb, Timothy B Strandell, Daniel J Delay: Animal entertainment device. G H L International, Boyle Fredrickson S C, March 8, 2011: US07900584 (5 worldwide citation)

An animal toy having pendulum action is disclosed. The toy includes a movable pendulum swingably secured within a housing. The pendulum is capable of carrying toys, and each toy is accessible through one or more access openings in the housing.


William B Mace, Ronald A Carlson, Daniel J DeLay, Benjamin R Lloyd: Apparatus having a tool on an elongate pole. Echo Incorporated, Wood Phillips Katz Clark & Mortimer, November 15, 2016: US09492941

A powered apparatus having an elongate pole with a tool at a proximal region and a drive for operating the tool. A first operating component is repositionable between first and second positions to change a state of the drive. A second operating component is repositionable between: a) a locked positi ...