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The present invention provides a method of treating an immunopathological disorder having an etiology associated with production of a proinflammatory agent, by administering a compound of the formula: ##STR1## where R1 and R2 are independently H or --COR3; R3 is H, 1-50C alkyl, 1-20C alkoxy, 2-30C a ...

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The present invention provides a device, comprising one or more embedded tamper deterrent and security systems that trigger an alarm if the device is tampered.

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A method for operating an electronic device may include: outputting audio data to be reproduced through an output device connected thereto. A user input for a device change is detected and a reproduction request information is generated including at least one of audio information and output informat ...

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A system and method for managing radio communication availability in a mobile device is provided. A mobile device includes a communication management component that interacts with radio and network layer components on the mobile device to keep communications available. The interaction can correspond ...

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A method and apparatus for pairing between Bluetooth devices, If a pairing between Bluetooth devices is requested, a six-digit passkey is generated in an authentication process based on secure simple pairing (SSP). If a Bluetooth device (BD) address of a correspondent device is pre-registered and th ...