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Fabrication of arbitrary profile micro-optical structures (lenses, gratings, etc.) and, if desired, with optomechanical alignment marks simultaneously during fabrication is based upon the use of low-contrast photosensitive material that, when exposed to a spatially variable energy dosage of electrom ...

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The apparatus represents a device having one or two sensors for capturing a single image or two images having the subject's eyes, and processor(s) in a housing with the one or two sensors and/or in a computer system which receives the single image or two images. Such processor(s) determine a head ti ...

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A method for aligning optical fibers to a lens array is provided, including, providing a planar reflective surface facing the front surface of lens array, locating one end of a fiber adjacent the back surface of the substrate upon which the lens array is formed or integrated to face one of the lense ...

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An apparatus and a method for acquiring an image of skin topology. The apparatus comprises at least one light source, configured to form a source beam; at least one illuminating diffractive optical element (DOE) disposed in the optical path of the source beam, configured to diffract the source beam, ...

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An apparatus for image acquisition of topological features of the surface of skin. The apparatus comprises a waveguide, having an entrance edge and top and bottom surfaces; a light source, configured to direct a light beam at the entrance edge of the waveguide; a skin contact layer, disposed at or n ...

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Holographic media for storing and reading holographic data is provided having one or more external or internal surfaces having structures for at least one of minimizing reflections from illumination incident the surface, or enhancing adhesion between surfaces within the media. Structures for minimiz ...

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A method is provided for molding from glass certain complex optical components, such as lenses, microlens, arrays of microlenses, and gratings or surface-relief diffusers having fine or hyperfine microstructures suitable for optical or electro-optical applications. Thereby, mold masters or patterns, ...

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A method for fabricating a structure on a substrate with a low contrast photoresist having a height greater than 15 microns is provided. A uniformly thick film of photoresist is achieved on a substrate by spinning the substrate at two different speeds, then at least partially, but not fully drying t ...

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The invention is directed to metal-free grating for use in wavelength optical communications, and in particular to metal-free, reflective immersed diffraction gratings. The gratings of the invention area made of at least a first material

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An apparatus for replicating holographically recorded data, comprising a holographic master media having holographically recorded data thereon; a holographic copy media; a light source for generating a master reference beam and a copy reference beam, coherent with the first object beam, the first ma ...