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A system for controlling use and distribution of composite digital works. A digital work is comprised of a description part and a content part. The description part contains control information for the composite digital work. The content part stores the actual digital data comprising the composite d ...

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A Document Card (DocuCard) for storing documents and which is content revealing. The DocuCard is a transportable unit having a nonvolatile storage means for storing information in a digital form, a control processor for processing user initiated functions; an I/O port for interfacing to external dev ...

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An information retrieval system and method are provided in which an operator inputs one or more query words which are used to determine a search key for searching through a corpus of documents, and which returns any matches between the search key and the corpus of documents as a phrase containing th ...

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A user extensible document processing system. The extensible document processing system includes a document processing platform such as a digital copier,control forms for specifying requested services and instructions and one or more document service cards. User provided document processing services ...

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In a collaborative system in which a body of shared data may be accessed by more than one user, a small-scale representation of the body of shared data displayed to one user includes an indication of the activities of other users. A user that is not viewing the shared data at full scale can thus obt ...

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A system dynamically schedules the creation of images in an on-demand printing apparatus outputting simplex and duplex prints. For each simplex print, a simplex print block is appended to a schedule of images to be created, and for each duplex print, a duplex print block is appended to the schedule. ...

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An apparatus for processing a substrate on two sides. A substrate has a first edge as a leading edge in a process direction and a first side in a face-up orientation. In one embodiment, the apparatus comprises an input pathway for receiving the substrate from a substrate processing station, a statio ...

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A flexible sheet handling apparatus comprising an input section for receiving the flexible sheet, a reversion section for rotating the flexible sheet about an axis of motion and an output section for transferring the rotated flexible sheet to a sheet processing system.

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A programming interface of document search system enables a user to dynamically specifying features of documents recorded in a corpus of documents. The programming interface provides category and format flexibility for defining different genre of documents. The document search system initially segme ...

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A system and method for providing interactive computer assisted teaching. The system is premised on and extends the ubiquitous nature of paper in classroom environments to be an interaction medium with a computer based system. By utilizing intelligent form and embedded data processing, highly intera ...