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A method of inhibiting the corrosion of the metal surfaces of beer pasteurizing units in contact with halogenated water vapor which comprise treating these halogenated waters with at least 1/4 ppm sulfamic acid for each ppm of halogen present in these waters.

Daniel A Meier, Michael J Groshans: Method of preventing corrosion of uncoated aluminum sheet or beverage cans in a brewery pasteurizer water system. Nalco Chemical Company, John G Premo, Donald G Epple, Anthony L Cupoli, November 10, 1987: US04705703 (12 worldwide citation)

A method for eliminating or reducing dome staining during the pasteurization of aluminum beverage cans involves the addition of zinc, orthophosphate, a zinc stabilizing polymer and, optionally, organophosphonate corrosion inhibitors and/or other known corrosion inhibitors. The zinc stabilizing polym ...

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A method of enhancing corrosion inhibition of inorganic corrosion inhibitors, particularly stabilized phosphate corrosion inhibitors, when used in high hardness waters containing at least 800 ppm total hardness which comprises adding to the high hardness waters a combined product which includes both ...

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A process for inhibiting the corrosion of metals in contact with aqueous systems is provided which process comprises adding to such systems an effective amount of a water treatment composition comprising a source of molybdate ion and a water-soluble polymer containing pendant amide functionality.

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The prevention of corrosion on the surfaces of airwasher systems and particularly systems containing low levels of hardness is controlled utilizing a corrosion inhibiting amount of a composition including an alkali metal silicate, a hydroxycarboxylic acid or its water soluble salts, a polyacrylate o ...