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A surgical probe wherein a heat sterilizable and reusable detector component is combined with a disposable handle and cable assembly. The reusable detector component incorporates a detector crystal and associated mountings along with preamplifier components. It is formed having a positioning shaft e ...

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System and apparatus for locating sources of radiation emanating from predetermined radionuclides. The apparatus incorporates a large window display utilizing icon imagery to identify counting functions such as target count and background. A variety of radionuclide modes of operation can be selected ...

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A tissue dissociation device (10) includes a container (12) having a sterile interior for holding the tissue to be dissociated and a liquid medium. The device (10) also includes a dissociation element (54), inside the container (12), for engaging the tissue to cause dissociation of the tissue. The d ...

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An application or an attachment device for attaching a medical device includes a base layer and an adhesive layer on a rearward side of the base layer. The adhesive layer is adapted to removably attach the base layer. The adhesive layer can be adapted to removably attach the base layer to a patient ...