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A caddy for dispensing fiber optic patch cord cables. The device has a housing inside of which a disk is rotatably mounted. A length of patch cord cable is wound around the circumference of the disk and an S-shaped channel is present on one side of the disk. The channel is sized to hold captive a se ...

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An optical light source signal generator comprising an optical amplification medium for generating amplified spontaneous emission (ASE), having forward and backward light propagating ports for outputting output and backward optical light respectively, a reflector for reflecting the backward propagat ...

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A broadband optical amplifier that can provide a constant amplifier gain profile, correct for ASE noise, and minimize gain tilt by dynamically controlling different stages of the amplifier through a combination of gain, loss, and power control of each stage depending on input and the desired output ...

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A broadband light amplifier comprising a pair of signal transmission and amplification arms, one for carrying a short wavelength signal in a short optical wavelength band and another for carrying a longer wavelength signal in a longer optical wavelength band, an optical amplifier in each arm for amp ...

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An architecture for use in controlling and managing optical functions and optical devices. A common microprocessor based control layer coordinates commands between optical devices and a user station. The control layer executes an operating system which handles data flow in the control layer. Generic ...

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Circuits and systems for use in monitoring and adjusting an optical signal strength of an optical data transmission system. A closed feedback loop which automatically controls an optical device's output uses an analog operational amplifier based circuit instead of a conventional microprocessor that ...

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A method and devices for individually controlling the signal strength of single or multiple optical channels. A controller module monitors the signal strength of channels and amplifies those that need amplifying while attenuating those that are too strong using the same Erbium doped fiber amplifier. ...

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A broadband light source is fabricated from an optical transmission medium having an amplification material such as rare earth doped (e.g. erbium) fiber. The natural emission spectrum of this amplification material is corrected. The weak emission wavelength region has been enhanced and the whole spe ...

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A handle for a computing device having a touch screen, wherein the handle is affixed to the computing device, and the handle is made of material that is suitable for gripping by an infant and the handle is of a specific size range such that the handle is capable of being gripped by an infant.

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Methods and devices for controlling an optical device. In one embodiment, the optical device is directly controlled by an outside analog electrical signal. Depending on the voltage or current level of the electrical signal, the output of the optical device is changed accordingly. An operational ampl ...