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The present invention relates to the isolation of cartilage or bone precursor cells from hematopoietic and non-hematopoietic cells and their use in bone and cartilage regeneration procedures. The precursor cells are used for in vivo bone or cartilage repair by transplanting the cells, with or withou ...

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Improved matrices for tissue repair comprising a biocompatible, bioerodable polymer which has a water solubility of about 0.01 to about 500 mg/mL at about 25° C. and adhesive strength of about 600 to about 150,000 Pa; and pressure sensitive adhesives for tissue repair which have adhesive strength of ...

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Processes using affinity cell separation are used to increase the yield and purities of target cells by increasing the cell:affinity surface contact rate, limiting the shear force on the attaching cells and/or using an appropriate affinity surface area.

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A composition and method for repairing damaged connective tissue is provided. The composition comprises pseudo-poly(amino acids) and/or classic poly(amino acids) that exhibit adhesiveness for connective tissues. The composition is formed into an adhesive tissue repair implant and pressed against the ...

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Carboxy-terminated polyester ionomers useful for bioresorbable implant construction are described. They comprise biocompatible salts or partial salts of mono- or bis-carboxy-terminated polyesters.

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The present invention relates to a composition and method that optimizes retention of physiological activity of a biologically active compound during sterilization of said compound with gamma or electron-beam radiation. The method comprises the steps of forming a protected mixture that comprises the ...

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The present invention is directed to a biocompatible tissue reactive composition comprising a functionalized polymer having tissue reactive substituents that are capable of forming covalent bonds with tissue associated functional groups.

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There is disclosed a system functional for operating and updating an interactive voice response self care system which utilizes various types of models. The system is capable of improving the performance of the self care system through updating the models used in that system in a closed loop manner. ...

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A solid ink stick supply system and related method for delivering solid ink sticks to an ink jet print head reservoir is disclosed. The supply system includes a housing with a keyed plate that guides the ink sticks into the proper loading position in a supply channel. A pusher rod in the supply chan ...