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The present invention provides absorbent articles, such as disposable diapers, which utilize substantially water-insoluble hydrogel material to enhance the absorbent capacity of such articles. In these articles, the hydrogel material, combined in particulate form with hydrophilic fiber material, is ...

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An improved fastening device for securing the corners of a disposable diaper incorporates a built-in device which is useful in disposing of the diaper after it has been soiled. The fastener itself comprises a strip of pressure-sensitive tape held in superposed relationship with respect to a corner o ...

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Absorbent devices, such as catamenial tampons and catamenial pads. The devices comprise an unbonded array of non-absorbent, hydrophillic, resilient, moisture insensitive fibers contained within a porous overwrap. When the devices are intended to be presented in the compressed state, the compressed d ...

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The object of the invention is to provide an improved absorbent means that can be used in a catamenial device.

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A disposable diaper combining improved softness and sufficient strength to resist in use tearing and shredding in a single structure, thereby producing better compliance and fit when the structure is applied to the wearer, and hence improved comfort as well as better containment of waste fluids depo ...