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Disclosed is a resin encapsulated semiconductor memory device comprising a semiconductor memory element, a package encapsulating the memory element and an .alpha.-rays shielding layer made from a water-resistant aromatic polyimide polymer, interposed between the memory element and the package, the a ...

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4'-Azidobenzal-2-methoxyacetophenone is an excellent photosensitive compound and can give a photosensitive composition together with an alkaline-aqueous-solution-soluble polymer which can be insolubilized in an alkaline aqueous solution by photochemical curing with 4'-azidobenzal-2-methoxyacetopheno ...

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In a resin packaged semiconductor device including a semiconductor element, the back side of which is bonded to a support and the front side of which has electrodes which are electrically connected to electroconductive portions by fine leads, when an adhesive composition comprising an epoxy resin, a ...

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A battery condition detecting method is provided which includes the steps of setting a current required during standard discharge of a battery as a set current, detecting a discharge current and a voltage of the battery, determining a battery voltage when the battery discharge the set current based ...

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A map charging index representing discharge characteristics of a battery is obtained based on a battery voltage under a predetermined discharging operation. The map charging index indicates 100 at a first battery voltage obtainable immediately after the battery starts the discharging operation from ...

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A gas sensor has a housing, a gas sensing element held by the housing and having a gas contact portion and an element cover for covering the gas contact portion. The element cover has a double pipe structure formed by layering an outer pipe and an inner pipe. The outer pipe has an outer bottom porti ...

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A liquid crystal display device containing a liquid crystal orientation controlling film made from a fluorine-containing polyimide-isoindoloquinazolinedione is high in a tilt angle and excellent in viewing properties.

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A polyimide precursor resin composition comprising (a) a poly(amic acid) containing siloxane linkages, (b) an aminosilane, and (c) a solvent for both the components (a) and (b), can form a polyimide film excellent in adhesiveness and heat resistance and is suitable for producing a semiconductor devi ...

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An air-fuel ratio detecting element is composed of an oxygen pump portion and an oxygen sensor portion which are provided on a single solid electrolyte sheet, a heating element, and a spacer. The oxygen pump portion is composed of a pair first of electrodes provided on opposite sides of the solid el ...

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A fault detecting apparatus for a gas concentration sensor is provided. The apparatus includes a storage device and a fault detecting circuit. The storage device stores therein fault detectable conditions in which preselected different types of faults of the gas concentration sensor are allowed to b ...