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An apparatus for the simultaneous dispensing of fluids from multiple containers in a pre-determined ratio. The apparatus has a pump, at least two fluid containers, a fluid transfer device including dip tubes to transfer fluid from the containers to the pump, a venting system that prevents the creati ...

Stephen B Leonard, D James Musiel: Candle wick holder. S C Johnson & Son, November 25, 1997: US05690484 (60 worldwide citation)

A wick holder is disclosed, along with blanks for forming it, candles that incorporate it, and methods for making it. The wick holder has platforms for supporting the bottom of the wick and side peripheral guides. It also has leg panels to center the wick in the candle.

D James Musiel, William C Hadsell, Craig R Oestreich: Molding mechanism for the in-mold formation and assembly of an actuator-overcap and an insert nozzle and method for using such mechanism. S C Johnson & Son, January 3, 1995: US05378422 (16 worldwide citation)

A molding mechanism and method of using that mechanism for simultaneously forming, by injection molding, two molded parts intended to be interference fit together and then, while the two molded parts are still within the molding mechanism, repositioning them and fitting them together. The sequenced ...

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Disclosed herein are nozzles connectable to a hose or other fluid supply. The nozzles can store an active material such as an insecticide and then dissolve it into the water from the hose. The nozzle has an elongated cylindrical outer housing. A sleeve is positioned in the housing which stores the a ...

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Apparatus for orienting heavy mold bases and the like, including a pair of rockers connected together in spaced align relation and having upper planar support surfaces terminated at one end by a fixed abutment and at the other by an adjustable clamp. The curved surfaces of the rockers have a curvatu ...