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A foldable shipping container capable of being shipped in either a folded or erected condition. The container includes an outer container and an inner tank. The outer container is foldable upon itself so that all portions of the outer container are generally confined within the perimeter of the its ...

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An acoustical panel assembly for a suspended ceiling comprising a rigid frame, sound absorbing material, sound transmission attenuation material and a face fabric. The frame is an assembly of extruded members secured together in a polygonal pattern such as a square or a rectangle. The fabric is secu ...

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The present invention relates to reusable bulk transport containers having four wheels attached thereto forming a dolly for easy movement of the containers by a single person. The containers are further equipped with four legs for supporting the containers upright wherein the four wheels are all spa ...

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Stackable display bins for supporting quantities of cylindrical articles such as tubes of caulk and the like have U-shaped interiors that are accessible through U-shaped front openings. The bins have generally rectangular front, rear and side walls that connect with a symmetrically curved bottom wal ...

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An inflatable insulator covers an associated attic access hatch to prevent a transfer of heat from a first indoor environment maintaining temperature control and a second indoor environment not maintaining temperature control. The insulator includes at least one air chamber adapted to contain a volu ...

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A containment basin for containing liquid spillage from a portable storage tank in which one end wall is rotatable from an upright operative position to a lowered position aligned with the surrounding floor to enable a portable storage tank to be moved into the containment basin on a wheeled dolly w ...

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A rolled tape dispenser that has a generally L-shaped body with a relatively short leg that supports a cutter blade and cover to extend transversely across the width of the cylindrical outer surface of a roll of tape, and a longer leg configured to extend along one of two opposite sides of the roll ...

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A building construction system using a universal structural extrusion and specially adapted fastener clips, particularly adaptable to a building system exclusively using material formed from plastic, polymeric substances.

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Provided is a reusable tie down storage case including a housing having a tie down storage area and first and second strap storage areas, at least one tab in the tie down area for engaging a tie down, a first movable flap covering the first strap storage area to prevent removal of a first strap, and ...