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An intervertebral disk endoprosthesis is filled with an elastic material and provided with cover plates at its end faces, and has a circular or elliptical corrugated tube surrounding the viscoelastic material, the tube being terminated by cover plates.

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A joint prosthesis for insertion in a bone cavity comprises an adapter; a hollow, flexible prepreg member of hardenable material secured to the adapter; a hollow inflatable pressing member disposed in the prepreg member; and an arrangement for introducing fluid into the pressing member for inflating ...

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An intervertebral implant for insertion between adjacent vertebrae. The implant includes a spacer having two end faces and defining a continuous hollow channel therein configured to receive natural bone substance; and flanges disposed on respective end faces of the spacer and extending in each respe ...

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A stent, in particular a coronary stent, for implantation in the region of vessel branchings, comprising a tubular casing with a proximal and a distal end, wherein in the implanted condition the proximal end is arranged in proximal relationship with the vessel branching and the distal end is arrange ...

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A resection prosthesis assembly unit including a head member, an end member and an intermediate member between the head and end members, of which one member is provided with a conical pin and another member is provided with a conical bore, with the latter two members being provided with respective f ...

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A bone implant, in particular as a shaft-type prosthesis, which has a mirror-symmetrical shape is proposed, wherein for adaptation to bone regions of the left or right half of the body that in themselves are not mirror-symmetrical, the part having mirror-symmetrical shape forms a basic element, and ...

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A stent has a surface with an irregular coating formed on that surface. The irregular coating provides coating islands, especially coating islands that are substantially round. In some embodiments, the coating islands are arranged at a greater spacing in regions involving a greater degree of local s ...

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A modular assembly for a shaft prosthesis having a head part and an end part, of which one part has a conical protrusion and the other part has a conical bore, wherein between these two parts at least one intermediate part adapted to the protrusion and/or bore is provided, wherein the head part (1) ...

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A modular hip joint prosthesis is assembled from a head section having a connection for the ball of the joint and from a shaft section. The shaft section is joined by a insert connection to the head section, and provision is made for fixing the insert connection. The insert connection is situated in ...

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An intramedullar nail for the treatment of fractures of long tubular bones, made of a shaft having a nail tip and at least one fixation screw. A portion of the nail tip is made of absorbable material. The fixation screws penetrate the bone and a section of the nail, causing the bone and nail to be a ...