Morton Pader, Craig T Elton: Mouthwash. Lever Brothers Company, Michael J Kelly, James J Farrell, Melvin H Kurtz, April 17, 1979: US04150151 (55 worldwide citation)

A physiologically acceptable, germicide free antibacterial liquid mouthwash and methods for its use is disclosed. The mouthwash comprises water, ethanol, an essential oil flavor mixture and about 0.1 to about 0.6 percent of an alkyl sulfate anionic surfactant mixture of C.sub.12 and C.sub.14 sulfate ...

Craig T Elton, Stephen Reynolds: Citrus flavored mouthwash formulation method. Lever Brothers Company, Milton L Honig, James J Farrell, December 13, 1983: US04420471 (17 worldwide citation)

A method is disclosed for preparing visually clear, stable aqueous citrus flavored mouthwash compositions. The procedure reduces flammability hazards associated with mixing volatile alcohols and eliminates the necessity of certain production equipment.