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A self adjusting bezel assembly for a display screen, and specifically for an infrared radiation touch input display system, including a method for assemblying the bezel apparatus to the display screen. An outer bezel is mounted in fixed relation to the display device, and an inner bezel containing ...

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An unequivocal bottom delivery package with a self sealing valve for storing and dispensing a fluid material. The package has a shipping configuration in which a shipping cap is located over the self sealing valve to provide leakage resistance during shipment. Upon receipt it is obvious that operati ...

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Support apparatus for easily and independently adjusting tilt and swivel of a supported product, specifically a visual display device such as a computer monitor. The swivel mechanism permits the display device to be swivelled through a rotational angle greater than 360.degree., or greater than 180.d ...

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A peripheral or stand-alone computerized stamp printer is provided particularly for office use in which a print assembly including a pressure cam and leaf spring arrangement is associated with a heated print head which contacts and impresses a daisy wheel character against an imprinting tape in a co ...

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A portable computer includes a plate mounted to the chassis for pivotal movement between a position covering the connector terminals in the chassis rear wall to a position angularly spaced therefrom wherein the plate extends below the lower surface of the chassis thereby supporting the rear of the c ...

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A two-part binding system includes one or more bifurcated posts integrally extending from a clamping strip or member. The posts are inserted into one or more apertures in a stack of punched paper or other material and a second clamping strip having one or more integral or separate latching buttons i ...