Craig Allen
Craig Allen Richardson: Easy see CD/DVD & mini-disc case. Craig A Richardson, January 12, 2006: US20060006081-A1

A movable panel (12) for cases but more specifically media cases for compact discs, digital video discs and mini-discs. Said panel is co-planer with top (10) in first position and non co-planer in second position. The bottom of the case (14) has a longitudinal channel (16) on the inside of the botto ...

Craig Allen Richardson, Allan Wesley Rosenbalm, Michael Joseph Verhulst: Rotary mower cutter disc having replaceable knife mount shield. Deere & Company, December 8, 1998: US05845468 (21 worldwide citation)

A rotary mower cutter disc includes a replaceable knife mount shield which, in one embodiment, comprises a unitary slotted body which is received over the edge of the disc and held in place by the knife mounting bolt. The nut holding the bolt in place is located within a cylindrical cavity of the sh ...

Craig Allen Richardson, Allan Wesley Rosenbalm, Michael Joseph Verhulst, Michael James Mellin: Cutterbar having cutting discs equipped for converging crop. Deere & Company, December 1, 1998: US05842330 (16 worldwide citation)

A mower-conditioner has a header equipped with a rotary cutterbar for severing crop and directing it to a crop conditioner spanning a crop discharge opening centered rearwardly of the cutterbar and having a width some-what less than the length of the cutterbar. The cutter discs at the extreme outer ...

James C Walters, Allan Wesley Rosenbalm, Craig Allen Richardson: Trailer for endwise transport of mower-conditioner. Deere & Company, November 2, 1999: US05975829 (7 worldwide citation)

A trailer, for a header-equipped implement, has a T-shaped main frame, with the head of the T being defined by a beam extending in the direction of travel and with the stem of the T centered between a pair of loading ramps having first end portions coupled to the beam for pivoting about a fulcrum su ...

Craig Allen Richardson, James C Walters, Jerry Lee Krafka, Daniel J Goodman: Headed spindle pin for wobble-type sickle drive. Deere & Company, July 14, 1998: US05778727 (7 worldwide citation)

A wobble drive for imparting reciprocating motion to a sickle bar includes a wobble drive shaft rotatable about a first axis and having a cylindrical wobble section formed about an axis making an angle of about 14.5.degree. to the first axis. A toroidal wobble shaft bearing housing is mounted on the ...

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