Eb Eshun
Coolbaugh Douglas D, Cotte John M, Eshun Ebenezer E, Stein Kenneth J, Vaed Kunal: Damascene integration scheme for developing metal-insulator-metal capacitors. International Business Machines Corporation, September 1, 2007: TWI286384

The invention is directed to unique high-surface area BEOL capacitor structures with high-k dielectric layers and methods for fabricating the same. These high-surface area BEOL capacitor structures may be used in analog and mixed signal applications. The capacitor is formed within a trench with pede ...


Economikos Laertis, Deligianni Hariklia, Cotte John M, Andricacos Panayotis C: Integrated plating and planarization apparatus having counter electrode with variable diameter. Internatl Business Mach Corp &Lt IBM&Gt, June 10, 2004: JP2004-162177 (2 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an integrated plating and planarization apparatus having a counter electrode with a variable diameter.SOLUTION: The apparatus for plating and planarizing a metal on a substrate is provided with a plurality of distribution segments each of which has at least one hole ...

Makino Natsuki, Kunisawa Junji, Namiki Keisuke, Fukunaga Yukio, Mutsuhira Katsuyuki, Fang Ray, Cooper Emanuel I, Cotte John M, Deligianni Hariklia, Kwietniak Keith T, Baker O Neal Brett C, Flotta Matteo, Vereecken Philippe M: Electrolytic machining device and electrolytic machining method. Ebara, March 1, 2007: JP2007-050505 (1 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide an electrolytic machining device capable of flattening the whole surface of a substrate uniformly by low pressure without damaging the substrate when forming wiring on the substrate by, for example, the damascene method.SOLUTION: This electrolytic machining device 10 ...



COTTE JOHN M, JAHNES CHRISTOPHER V, PENG HONGBO, ROSSNAGEL STEPHEN M: [en] Surface charge enabled nanoporous semi-permeable membrane for desalination. IBM, September 12, 2012: GB2488928-A

[en] A filter includes a membrane having a plurality of nanochannels (14) formed therein. A first surface charge material (18) is deposited on an end portion of the nanochannels. The first surface charge material includes a surface charge to electrostatically influence ions in an electrolytic soluti ...

Economikos Laertis, Deligianni Hariklia, Cotte John M, Grabarz Henry J, Chen Bomy: Integrated plating and planarization process and apparatus therefor. Ibm, August 10, 2005: EP1560949-A1

A method and apparatus are described for performing both electroplating of a metal layer and planarization of the layer on a substrate. Electroplating and electroetching of metal (such as copper) are performed in a repeated sequence, followed by chemical-mechanical polishing. An electroplating solut ...


Andricacos Panayotis C, Canaperi Donald F, Cooper Enamuel I, Cotte John M, Deligianni Hariklia, Economikos Laertis, Edelstein Daniel C, Franz Silvia, Pranatharthiharan Balasubraman, Krishnan Mahadevaiyer, Mansson Andrew P, Walton Erick G, West Alan C: Method and composition for electro-chemical-mechanical polishing. Ibm, October 10, 2007: EP1841558-A2

Methods and compositions for electro-chemical-mechanical polishing (e-CMP) of silicon chip interconnect materials, such as copper, are provided. The methods include the use of compositions according to the invention in combination with pads having various configurations.