Corey J McMills: Mechanical coupling assembly for a coaxial cable and method of using same. Raychem Corporation, Dennis E Kovach, Herbert G Burkard, April 22, 1986: US04583811 (222 worldwide citation)

A coupling assembly and a method of connecting and terminating coaxial cable is disclosed herein. The coupling assembly includes a connector body having a mating area for the cable, a driver, means for urging the driver and the body toward each other, a compressive member positioned between the conn ...

Corey J McMills: Compression pressure indicator. Raychem, Dennis E Kovach, Herbert G Burkard, April 7, 1987: US04655159 (179 worldwide citation)

A compression pressure indicator includes a compression member which is disposed within a termination and is constructed such that when exposed to a pressure above a predetermined pressure a portion of the compression member protrudes from the termination thus indicating that optimum pressure has be ...

Corey J McMills, John S Mattis, James C Milroy: Method and apparatus for sealing a coaxial cable coupling assembly. Raychem Corporation, Dennis E Kovach, Ira D Blecker, June 23, 1987: US04674818 (173 worldwide citation)

A hollow, cylindrically shaped, elastically deformable sealant member is disposed over external threads of a mounting unit, and subsequently a driver element having internal threads matable with the external threads is screwed onto the external threads, an elasticity and inside diameter of the seala ...

Corey J McMills, Dennis C Siden: Heat-recoverable coupling assembly. Raychem Corporation, Dennis E Kovach, Herbert G Burkard, March 17, 1987: US04650228 (166 worldwide citation)

A heat recoverable coupling assembly for substrates having a relatively rigid outer wall, which includes a connector body and a driver member made from a band of heat recoverable material. The connector body includes a mating area for engaging a mating area on the rigid wall of the substrate. The co ...

Pradeep Barma, Corey J McMills: Seat heater. Raychem Corporation, Marguerite E Gerstner, Timothy H P Richardson, Herbert G Burkard, May 5, 1992: US05111025 (50 worldwide citation)

A flexible heater in which a heating element in the form of a tape is wrapped around a support member in the form of a flat sheet. The tape, which exhibits flexibility and toughness, has a composition composed of conductive sintered ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene. The flexible heater is sui ...

Corey J McMills: Electrically heat-recoverable assembly. Raychem Corporation, Stephen C Kaufman, Timothy Richardson, February 11, 1986: US04570055 (29 worldwide citation)

An electrically heat-recoverable assembly comprising a heat-recoverable article and a pair of electrodes. The electrodes supply current to the article without interferring or limiting the way in which the article can be deformed in order to render it heat recoverable. The electrodes are placed and c ...

Corey J McMills, John R Hughes, Hans Cordia, Johann D Hondt, John A Ross, Jeffrey A Sampson, Pradeep Barma, Barry Mathews, Robert Ritter, Julian S Mullaney: Methods and devices which make use of conductive polymers to join articles. Raychem Corporation, Herbert G Burkard, Timothy H P Richardson, February 15, 1994: US05286952 (24 worldwide citation)

Articles including a thin laminar heating element composed of a sintered conductive polymer, and electrodes attached to the heating element so that current flows in the plane of the element. The article can be placed between and in contact with two substrates, and then heated to join the two substra ...

Corey J McMills: Hand tool with torque sleeve for limiting installation torque. Paul Hentzel, May 16, 1995: US05415065 (12 worldwide citation)

A hand tool formed by a body member 10B and a torque sleeve member 12S is employed to tighten a connector nut 14N at the end of an electrical cable 14C onto a cable terminal post 14P. The body is elongated having a long axis with a socket wrench 10W at one end and a handle 10H at the other end. A ca ...

William David Uken, Corey J McMills, Robert J Ritter: Surge arrester. Raychem Corporation, Herbert G Burkard, Yuan Chao, February 24, 1998: US05721664 (11 worldwide citation)

A surge arrester designed for use with lines of 2 kV or less has a housing (10) which, in combination with a cup-shaped gasket (25), an O-ring gasket (45) and a lid (20), seals a varistor element (30) inside against environmental contaminants such as water or pollutants.

Corey J McMills: Joining of sheets. Raychem Corporation, Marguerite E Gerstner, Timothy H P Richardson, Herbert G Burkard, July 3, 1990: US04938820 (8 worldwide citation)

A sealing strip, particularly for making a telecommunications splice case comprises a sintered ultra high molecular weight polyethylene strip that can weld together parts of, for example, a wrap-around sleeve.

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