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A superconducting magnet system for particle acceleration of a synchrotron radiaton source having a particle orbit in a given plane includes a superconducting winding surrounding the particle orbit and having a slot formed therein in the given plane of the particle orbit for egress of synchrotron ra ...

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A cooling system for indirectly cooled superconducting magnets of a superconducting winding, includes a winding form having canals formed therein through which liquid helium flows, the canals including a lower feed canal, an upper collecting canal and mutually parallel cooling canals interconnecting ...

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A superconducting magnet system includes a cryostat having a cold shield, a superconducting magnet coil disposed in the cold shield, a two-stage cryogenerator connected to the magnet coil for cooling the magnet coil to an operating temperature substantially between 10 and 13K, and a flux pump connec ...

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Insulating device for high and low temperatures with at least one insulating material, characterized by the feature that the insulating material is formed at least in part of total reflecting fibers.

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Production of superconducting fiber bundles where in a CVD reactor niobium carbonitride of the general formula NbC.sub.x N.sub.y is deposited on support fibers by means of chemical deposition from the vapor phase by reaction of niobium chloride, carbon and nitrogen compounds, and in addition to the ...

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A device for generating a high level electron current pulse includes a housing whose interior can be evacuated from outside the housing, a cathode electrode located in the housing and arranged to be connected to a high voltage generator, an anode electrode disposed in the housing in facing relation ...

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Conventional superconducting magnet systems supply coolant centrally from a refrigerating system and have a current input provided separately in each case or through special magnets at the beginning and end of a section formed from superconducting electromagnets. The superconducting magnet system of ...

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A method of making a superconducting coil from a superconducting wire includes the step of winding the wire to form a coil. Prior to the winding step, the wire is submitted to repeated tension-stressing of a predetermined stretch and a predetermined number of cycles, in order to reduce the "training ...

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The invention relates to an improved industrial apparatus for the large-scale storage of energy and a process for storing and transporting electric energy by means of this apparatus.

Monika Jansohn, Cord Henrich Dustmann, Wolfgang Jansohn: Low internal resistance beta—and beta″—alumina electrolyte produced via vapor phase method. Na4B, Dinsmore & Shohl, April 25, 2017: US09634353

A process for making a solid electrolyte for an electrochemical cell. The process includes providing a multilayer material having a porous layer and a nonporous layer, the nonporous layer containing a first oxide selected from alpha-alumina, gamma-alumina, alpha-gallium oxide, and/or combinations th ...