Graham John Wayne, Muecke Thomas Wayne, Cooke Jr Claude Everett: Method for treating subterranean formations. Exxon Production Research Company, Graham Robert L, December 30, 1975: US3929191 (103 worldwide citation)

Particles coated with a solid, fusible resin are placed in a subterranean formation. At formation conditions, the resin first melts or softens, and then cures to an insoluble, infusible state. This bonds the particles together forming a permeable, self-sustaining structure in or adjacent the formati ...

Cooke Jr Claude Everett: Apparatus and method determining mechanical integrity of wells. Cooke Jr Claude Everett, April 24, 1996: GB2294278-A (1 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and method for detecting flow outside casing in a well are provided. The flow may be detected by logging tools (10) or by fixed equipment (97) inside casing (12). An alarm system (115) is provided for lack of mechanical integrity of a borehole. Stationary temperature sensors (91) are place ...