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In a filled telephone cable, the core is filled with a composition comprising petroleum jelly in the amount of about 80 percent by weight, polyethylene and/or polybutene-1 in the amount of about 10 percent by weight, and polyisobutylene in the amount also of about 10 percent weight.

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1,267,637. Aircraft undercarriages. ABEX CORP. 4 Sept., 1970 [4 Sept., 1969], No. 42584/70. Heading B7G. [Also in Division F2] An aircraft undercarriage, Fig. 1, incorporates at least one shock absorber unit 60 consisting of a fixed volume upper chamber and an elasticallywalled lower chamber, the tw ...

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An unusual kind of wear between machine parts in sliding contact, traceable to environment, is greatly reduced by constituting at least one of the parts of a preferred steel alloy casting consisting essentially ofIn a specific embodiment, the part is the cam ring of a vane pump obtained by casting t ...


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Disclosed are systems and methods for identifying talent via local, national, or worldwide talent competitions, which eliminate or minimize the costs and/or risks of identifying such talent and generate significant charitable donations. In one aspect of the present invention, artists' or bands' song ...





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9D-RG-14728 NOISE ISOLATION MEANS FOR CONVOLUTED SHEATHED ELECTRIC HEATER ABSTRACT OF THE DISCLOSURE This invention relates to electric heatersof the type consisting of a flat convoluted loop orcoil adapted to be arranged in an opening in a cook-top and, more particularly, to a support system wherei ...