Collins Arthur A, Henry Wesley B: Method of program execution. Collins Radio Company, May 9, 1972: US3662401 (60 worldwide citation)

A method of activity implementation through use of automatic computation means whereby simultaneous execution of program tasks may be performed and maximum utilization of system facilities is realized. The overall activity is partitioned into separate tasks with input requirements, desired outputs, ...

Collins Arthur A: Expandable computer processor and communication system. August 28, 1973: US3755789 (41 worldwide citation)

A communications and computation system wherein the processors communicate with each other and with other devices via a loop of continuously circulating data. The loop of data is comprised of channels which are time multiplexed on a bit basis in a repeating sequence. Further loops may be made of dat ...

Collins Arthur A: Digital products inspection system. Collins Radio Company, March 21, 1972: US3651315 (33 worldwide citation)

A Digital Product Inspection System using a digital pseudo-random generator in combination with a charactertistic of the product being inspected to produce a unique set of data combinations which when compared with previously taken data from the test of a 'known good unit' will provide an output ind ...

Collins Arthur A, Hill III John D, Hungerford Laurence D: Multichannel communication system. Collins Radio Company, April 25, 1972: US3659271 (26 worldwide citation)

Method of communicating in a multichannel communication system especially useful with high speed and low speed devices included in the system. One or more channels or subchannels are provided and controlled for addressing devices and transmitting commands, other channels and subchannels are assigned ...

Collins Arthur A, Pedersen Robert D: Digital circuit switched time-space-time switch equipped time division transmission loop system. Arthur A Collins, Kintzinger Warren H, December 9, 1975: US3925621 (18 worldwide citation)

This is a TST (Time-Space-Time) digital switching node equipped distributed loop switching telecommunications system with a loop build-out buffer connected in parallel with one switching node in each communication loop of the system. This allows data received at the switch node to be routed through ...

Collins Arthur A, Hill III John Dan: Data exchange and coupling apparatus. Collins Radio Company, September 19, 1972: US3692941 (8 worldwide citation)

A coupling device for coupling a low speed multiplexed data exchange loop with a higher speed multiplexed data exchange loop.