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A laparoscopic surgical instrument which may be in the form of forceps or a cutter has, at the end of a hollow tube for introduction through the body cavity wall, a housing, a pair of pivotally mounted metallic jaws, a reciprocable control rod in the tube, and an actuator secured to the control rod. ...

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An electrode assembly for an electrosurgical instrument has an elongate tubular shaft with electrodes mounted on a distal end and, on a proximal end of the shaft, means for detachably mounting the assembly in a handpiece of the instrument. Electrical conductors pass through the shaft from the electr ...

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In an electrosurgical generator having a self-tuning oscillator which includes a switching device and a resonant output network connected between the switching device and a supply rail, an oscillator feedback circuit feeds to the switching device a switching control pulse signal for separately switc ...

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In an electrosurgical instrument susceptible to varying load impedance, particularly varying load reactance, a fixed frequency radio frequency generator has an output stage (Q

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A radio frequency generator for an electrosurgical system is provided, the system including an electrode assembly having two electrodes for use immersed in an electrically conductive fluid. The generator has control circuitry for rapidly reducing the delivered radio frequency output power by at leas ...


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An electrosurgical generator has output terminals for connection to active and return electrodes respectively of an electrosurgical instrument and, connected to the output terminals via at least one isolation capacitor, a radio frequency (r.f.) source which may be pulsed by a pulsing circuit. To per ...

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A tissue resurfacing system has a handheld surgical instrument with a gas conduit (

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Surgical apparatus for bipolar diathermy has a radio frequency generator connectible to a cutting assembly which includes a support structure having a pair of electrical supply conductors and, mounted at the distal end of the support assembly, a tissue cutting head. The cutting head comprises a loop ...

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Electrosurgical cauterizing apparatus has a radio frequency generator with a power oscillator which generates a bipolar cauterizing output signal for application to a pair of cauterizing electrodes. The oscillator carrier frequency varies according to the load resistance represented by tissue being ...