Jwala Karnik, Clint Carnell, Jesse Rosen, John Allison: Methods and systems for treatment of spasticity. MYOSCIENCE, Kilpatrick Townsend and Stockton, June 6, 2017: US09668800

A system for alleviating spasticity of a skeletal muscle having an associated motor nerve. The system may include a needle probe having at least one needle. The at least one needle has a proximal end, a distal end, and a needle lumen therebetween. The needle is configured for insertion proximate to ...

Jwala Karnik, Jason Reynolds, John Allison, Clint Carnell: Cryogenic enhancement of joint function, alleviation of joint stiffness and/or alleviation of pain associated with osteoarthritis. MYOSCIENCE, Kilpatrick Townsend and Stockton, April 4, 2017: US09610112

A method in which a location is determined on the skin that is proximate to a sensory nerve that is associated with a painful condition. At least one needle of a cryogenic device is inserted into the location on the skin such that the needle is proximate to the sensory nerve. The device is activated ...

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