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A non-evaporable getter alloy is provided which can be used in a process for the sorption of gas from a closed vessel comprising the step of:

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Nonevaporable getter alloys containing Zr, Co, and a third component A selected from the rare each metals and mixtures thereof, e.g., mischmetal. A most preferred alloy contains about 80.8 wt % Zr, about 14.2 wt % Co, and about 5 wt % A. These alloys are advantageous because they are suitable for ge ...

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A device for the removal of hydrogen from a vacuum enclosure at cryogenic temperatures, especially high energy particle accelerators which comprises a metal support preferably in the form of a strip of aluminium and a composition able to sorb hydrogen adherent to the support in particular on at leas ...

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Improved process for evacuating the thermally insulating jacket of a dewar having an inner wall and an outer wall, with the inner space between said walls completely or partially filled with an insulating material, containing also a moisture sorbing material and a getter material, in which said mois ...

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The scope of the present invention is the provision of a non-evaporable gettering ternary alloy particularly for the sorption of water and water vapor in nuclear reactor fuel elements.

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A method is provided for cracking ammonia to produce hydrogen. The method includes the steps of passing ammonia over an ammonia-cracking catalyst which is an alloy including (1) alloys having the general formula Zr.sub.1-x Ti.sub.x M.sub.1 M.sub.2, wherein M.sub.1 and M.sub.2 are selected independen ...

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A mercury-dispensing combination suitable to release an amount of mercury higher than 60% during the activation step, even after partial oxidation, includes a mercury-dispensing intermetallic compound A with Hg and a second metal selected among Ti, Zr and mixtures thereof, as well as a promoting all ...

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A method for forming a supported thin layer of non-evaporable getter (NEG) material and a getter device formed thereby are provided. A suspension comprised of non-evaporable getter (NEG) material particles in a dispersing medium is prepared. The NEG material particles in the suspension have a partic ...

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A process for producing a field emitter flat display includes providing a supported porous layer of a non-evaporable getter material by depositing the non-evaporable getter material on a substrate followed by sintering the deposited material. The substrate having the porous layer of non-evaporable g ...

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A combination of getter materials particularly suitable to maintain vacuum in devices which cannot be heated at temperatures higher than about 200° C. The getter comprises: a mixture MO/Pd between an oxide of a transition metal MO chosen among cobalt oxide, copper oxide or their combinations and met ...