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A sing-around velocimeter having a fixed sound path length so that the repetition rate is a function of the velocity of sound in the fluid and consequently of the characteristics of the fluid. A digital latch is employed to control the application of a signal to the transmitting transducer as determ ...

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A system and method for detecting the concentration of hydrocarbons (petroleum products) in water having a differential sound velocimeter which compares the velocity of sound in the liquid under study with the velocity of sound in the liquid (largely water) from which the oil has been separated by m ...

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A conductivity sensor having a fluid immersible, conductivity transformer comprised of a pair of toroidal cores on each of which are wound two windings, one of the windings on one core being the input winding, one of the windings on the other core being the output winding, the second winding on the ...

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An acoustic flowmeter for measuring the flow of fluid in a pipe having a pair of transducers mounted on the pipe opposite each other with one downstream from the other, an oscillator associated with each transducer, the transducers sharing time so that each is used in the transmit mode and the recei ...

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A sound velocimeter for measuring the velocity of sound in a fluid wherein the oscillator frequency is adjusted depending upon the relative position in time of the received signal with respect to the transmitted signal.

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1291181 Sound velocity measurement; ultrasonic couplings NUSONICS Inc 4 May 1970 [27 Feb 1970] 21354/70 Headings H4D and H4J Apparatus for measuring the velocity of sound in a fluid having at least one acoustic transducer and at least one reflector immersed in the fluid such that the sound path betw ...