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An apparatus includes an optical fiber having a plurality of optical cores therein. Each optical core is located lateral in the optical fiber to the remaining one or more optical cores and is able to support a number of propagating optical modes at telecommunications wavelengths. Each number is less ...

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A hybrid integrated optical transmitter comprising a wavelength selectable laser (WSL) source coupled to an optical amplifier/modulator has been realized. Disposed between the optical combiner and the optical amplifier/modulator is an “optical isolator.” The optical isolator includes at least a Fara ...

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Temperature compensation of a wavelength-division-multiplexed (WDM) passive optical network (PON) communication system uses power measurements from each of it remote nodes (RNs) to adjust the frequency of an associated multifrequency laser (MFL). Changes in the power level at each RN caused by frequ ...

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A method and apparatus for guiding optical signals in a laser cavity to determine the oscillation frequency or frequencies of a laser by controlling the lengths of waveguide grating arms.

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A laser transmitter based on a star coupler includes a separate controlled output port. An interferometric modulator is incorporated inside a laser cavity by means of a star coupler and enables modulation of the laser signal, independent of the means of wavelength selection used to determine the fre ...

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A waveguide grating multifrequency receiver (MFR) is described with low polarization sensitivity. Polarization insensitivity is achieved using our polarization diversity scheme in which the TM polarized signal component of the unpolarized received input signal is converted to a second TE polarized s ...

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A multifrequency laser (MFL) eliminates nonlinearities produced in the "shared" waveguide of the MFL laser (the section in which all the lightwaves from all the lasers pass) by either making the shared waveguide as short as possible to mimimize the production of mixing product signals or using a cha ...

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A parallel ring network is restorable upon sensing a failure of a transmission media. A central transmitter is coupled to one end of a first transmission medium. A central receiver is coupled to one end of a second transmission medium. A central sensor senses a transmission media failure centrally a ...

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A dynamically and chromatically variable transmissivity apparatus (e.g., a channel equalizer or an add-drop circuit) controls channel powers in wavelength-division multiplexed systems. The input WDM signal is split into two components, in one component a phase shift is added to the wavelengths needi ...

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A Wavelength-Division-Multiplexer (WDM) cross-connect is implemented using two connected units of angular dispersive elements, with non-zero relative phase shifts between the elements, which are interconnected using controllable phase shifters. Another embodiment uses two "interleave-chirped" wavegu ...