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An operating system shell provides a graphical user interface having a windowing environment with a desktop. The shell synthesizes a hypertext page for display as the desktop in the graphical user interface. The hypertext page has an embedded software object which provides graphical icon-oriented an ...

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A smoking device (10) for releasing an aerosol into the mouth of a smoker comprises in combination, a chamber (28) into which a mixture of air and a liquid aerosol precursor is introduced, a heat source (30) surrounding the chamber (28), a first duct (20) providing communication between the chamber ...

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An antenna system, comprising: a phased array antenna (4); and a dielectric lens arrangement (6), for example a single solid dielectric lens (6) comprising a substantially spherical convex surface (12) and a concave surface (14); wherein the dielectric lens arrangement (6) is arranged to magnify the ...

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Modular spinal prosthesis having one of both of adaptable and configurable components is provided. The modular spinal prosthesis described herein provides an artificial articular configuration to replace damaged, worn or otherwise removed spinal facet elements.


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An apparatus and method are provided for communicating data between a first and a second terminal unit, wherein at least one of the terminal units is a mobile terminal unit. The apparatus includes a base station and a number of antenna units each linked to the base station. The base station has a tr ...


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Self-balancing vehicle with at least three wheels resting on the ground, at least two of which wheels are arranged on either side of the center of gravity with respect to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle, and at least one of which wheels is directionally controllable. At least one section of the ...

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An identification system comprises a transmitter, a receiver and a plurality of tags, each with its own transponder. The transmitter transmits an interrogating signal which is received by the transponders and used to initiate an on-tag time delay. At the end of its respective time delay each transpo ...

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Management of multiple voice-controlled applications is provided employing registration and prioritization of applications and associated commands. In a multi-application environment, each application requests registration by a speech recognition interface. Upon registering the application(s), the i ...