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An ankle block for a leg prosthesis comprising an insert having a body with an upper mounting surface and a bottom interface surface opposite from the upper mounting surface. The insert body defines a central coaxial hole therethrough. An over mold is formed about an exterior of the body and extends ...

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A system for adjusting a path of a wire includes a precast pulley assembly having at least one precast pulley having at least first and second positions. The at least one precast pulley may be adjustable from the first position to the second position without a user touching the at least one precast ...



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Implementations of an apparatus including an optical circuit switch (OCS) having a plurality of OCS input/output ports, at least one optical circulator having a port optically coupled to a corresponding one of the plurality of OCS input/output ports and a reflection mitigation positioned in the opti ...

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A system for reducing or eliminating cross talk resulting from co-channel interference in TDMA communication systems is disclosed. In general, the system may include one or more enhanced mobile stations sending, to an enhanced base station, base station identifying information in a training period t ...