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A method for treating cutaneous and corneal wounds as well as certain microbial-related diseases comprises topically applying a defensin peptide to the affected tissue. The compositions comprise a natural, synthetic, or analog defensin molecule having both a mitogenic activity capable of stimulating ...

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This invention relates to inhibiting corrosion in systems of condensing hydrocarbons which contain water and chlorides, and, more particularly, in the overhead of crude oil atmospheric pipestills, with blends of amines. Preferred blends are 2-amino-1-methoxypropane, sec-butylamine, n-butylamine, dip ...

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The present invention relates to media containing purified antimicrobial polypeptides, such as defensins, and/or cell surface receptor binding proteins. The media may also contain buffers, macromolecular oncotic agents, energy sources, impermeant anions, ATP substrates. The media find use for the st ...

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Healing of wounds in mammalian tissue may be enhanced by the application of certain neuropeptides, optionally in combination with known growth promoting hormones. Exemplary neuropeptides include tachykinins, such as substance P, substance K, and the like, as well as calcitonin gene-related peptides. ...

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A method of and apparatus for tracking data associated with a load being conveyed on a belt conveyor between a source station including a source station load sensor and a destination station including a destination station load sensor includes the steps of: generating a data record for the load at t ...

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Disclosed are a method for inhibiting corrosion in crude oil distillation towers, an improvement in crude oil fractionation, a method for dispersing iron sulfide in a hydrocarbon stream and a hydrocarbon dispersion using the reaction product of hydrocarbyl succinic anhydride and an amine. The reacti ...

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The disclosure is a process for inhibiting corrosion in condensing systems comprising wet hydrocarbons and chloride which comprises feeding a mixture of amines to the condensing system to elevate the pH profile of condensed water above the range in which severe corrosion of system internals can occu ...

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A vertical conveyor including first and second conveyors having first and second ends. The first conveyor is vertically aligned with and above the second conveyor. The vertical conveyor also includes a third conveyor having a free end and a coupled end. The third conveyor is pivotable about its coup ...

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A subaqueous conduit extends from a mainland terminal and leads to the base of a tubular mooring stanchion which extends above the sea surface. The base of the stanchion is located at a depth of up to 100 fathoms adapting the stanchion for the mooring of very large oil tankers. Secured to the stanch ...

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The present invention is directed to liquid crystalline substrates useful in the culture of cells and methods of their use. In certain embodiments, the invention provides methods and devices for imaging changes (e.g., reorganization) of extracellular matrix components by living cells.