Christoph H Krah: Three-dimensional imaging and display system. Apple, Morrison & Foerster, September 13, 2011: US08018579 (239 worldwide citation)

A three-dimensional imaging and display system is provided in which user input is optically detected in an imaging volume by measuring the path length of an amplitude modulated scanning beam as a function of the phase shift thereof. Visual image user feedback concerning the detected user input is pr ...

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A multipoint touch surface controller is disclosed herein. The controller includes an integrated circuit including output circuitry for driving a capacitive multi-touch sensor and input circuitry for reading the sensor. Also disclosed herein are various noise rejection and dynamic range enhancement ...

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A calibration circuit and method for a proximity/touch detector allow automatic calibration to the proximity/touch detector components, chassis affects, and ambient conditions such that initial factory calibration and periodic manual calibration are not needed. The calibration circuit switches a cap ...

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A mouse having improved input methods and mechanisms is disclosed. The mouse is configured with touch sensing areas capable of generating input signals. The touch sensing areas may for example be used to differentiate between left and right clicks in a single button mouse. The mouse may further be c ...

Christoph H Krah: Three-dimensional display system. Apple, Morrison & Foerster, November 30, 2010: US07843449 (30 worldwide citation)

A three-dimensional display system provides a projection screen having a predetermined angularly-responsive reflective surface function. Three-dimensional images are respectively modulated in coordination with the predetermined angularly-responsive reflective surface function to define a programmabl ...

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A power-up switch circuit in a peripheral device such as a keyboard is coupled to the main processing portion of a computer via an interface bus. The switch circuit together with bias and detection circuitry in the main processing portion allow non-intrusive use of a data communication line of the i ...

Christoph H Krah: Camera latch. Apple Computer, Beyer Weaver & Thomas, October 24, 2006: US07126816 (26 worldwide citation)

A portable computer is disclosed. The portable computer includes a base. The portable computer also includes a lid that pivots relative to the base. The portable computer further includes a latch including a data capture device such as a camera that is configured to secure the lid to the base.

Christoph H Krah: Phase compensation for multi-stimulus controller. Apple, Morrison & Foerster, August 7, 2012: US08237667 (24 worldwide citation)

Determining a compensated phase matrix for a multi-stimulus demodulation process is provided. A first drive line of a multi-stimulus sensing system is selected, and a stimulation signal is transmitted on the selected drive line. A channel gain resulting from the stimulation signal is measured from a ...

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An embodiment of an improved touch surface controller for controlling a multi-point touch surface such as a touch screen or a touch pad in a computer system is disclosed. The improved touch system controller detects signal capacitance from the pixels in the touch surface digitally, and therefore is ...