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A speech dialog system wherein a process for automatic control of devices by speech dialog is used applying methods of speech input, speech signal processing and speech recognition, syntatical-grammatical postediting as well as dialog, executive sequencing and interface control, and which is charact ...

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In normal operation, a control or regulating device controls vehicle rear wheel steering in accordance with freely-selectable specifications. If a malfunction of the control or regulating device is detected, the latter becomes inoperative immediately. A piston-cylinder unit drivingly connected to th ...

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A filter mat for picking up grease- or oil-containing vapours or the like contains an indicator which causes a colour change, the indicator consists of a mixture of a dyestuff and silica of large specific surface area, which are thoroughly mixed. Such a mixture can quite generally be used as a colou ...


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The invention relates to special nucleosides, for example, a nucleoside of the formula I, wherein R1-R5 are as described herein, and also to drugs which contain these nucleosides. Furthermore, the invention relates to the use of such nucleosides in a method for suppressing or reducing the formation ...

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A device for analyzing and/or generating a polarization state of a measurement point of a target object includes a polarizer suitable for selecting, in an incident light wave, a light beam which is linearly polarized in a predefined direction; a first birefringent element suitable for having the lig ...

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Disclosed are uracil derivatives of the formula (I): wherein R1, R2, R3, and X are as defined herein, and use thereof as therapeutic agents. The uracil derivatives are used in particular together with a cytostatic agent for suppressing or reducing resistance building up on cytostatic treatment.

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A connector assembly for coupling an coaxial cable to an ultrasound probe includes a cable clamp having an opening extending therethrough, the opening sized to receive a coaxial cable therethrough, the coaxial cable including a strain member and a plurality of coaxial cables extending therethrough, ...

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The invention relates to the use of at least one overexpression inhibitor of DNA repair genes and oncogenes for producing a drug to increase the apoptotic effect of cytostatics after chemotherapy.

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Methods and systems for connection to a transducer in ultrasound probes are provided. One connection arrangement includes a connector having a transducer connection portion configured to couple to a transducer of an ultrasound probe and a scan head connection portion configured to extend from a scan ...