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This specification describes a virtual memory system in which a set of conversion tables is used to translate an arbitrarily assigned programming designation called a virtual address into an actual main memory location called a real address. To avoid the necessity of translating the same addresses o ...


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MULTIPROCESSOR MECHANISM FOR HANDLING CHANNEL INTERRUPTS Abstract The disclosure relates to multiprocessor handling ofplural queues of pending I/O interrupt requests (I/O IRs)in a main storage (MS) shared by plural central processors(CPs). An input/output processor (IOP) inserts I/O IRentries onto t ...


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PURPOSE: To provide a system in which the continuous processing of a pipe line can be attained without interrupting a succeeding request in a storage request pipe line 1 for controlling the address processing of storage even when an access request to the storage has to wait for a storage resource. C ...

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PURPOSE: To provide an interlock for the right of ownership which hinders the change of the right of ownership of the data unit of a store-in type cache until all the unexecuted memories are executed in the cache data unit. CONSTITUTION: The data integrity is assured in a data processing system by i ...