Chornet Esteban, Valsecchi Boris, Avila Yasmin, Nguyen Betty, Lavoie Jean Michel: Production of ethanol from methanol. Enerkem, Chornet Esteban, Valsecchi Boris, Avila Yasmin, Nguyen Betty, Lavoie Jean Michel, SMART PO Box 2999 Station D 900 55 Metcalfe Street Ottawa Ontario K1P 5Y6, September 3, 2009: WO/2009/105860 (110 worldwide citation)

A process for converting methanol to ethanol which comprises reacting methanol and carbon monoxide in the presence of a catalyst to produce a product comprising at least 25 mole% methyl acetate and, in some instances, acetic acid. The acetic acid then is reacted with at least one alcohol to produce ...

Roy Christian, Chornet Esteban: Produits organiques et combustibles liquides tires de matieres ligno-cellulosiques par pyrolyse sous vide, Organic products and liquid fuels from lignocellulosic materials by vacuum pyrolysis. Universite de Sherbrooke, GOUDREAU GAGE DUBUC, March 13, 1984: CA1163595 (14 worldwide citation)

A B S T R A C T . . A process is provided for subjecting a ligno-cellulosic material to primary pyrolysis which comprises:introduction of air-dry lignccellulosic material into areaction chamber where it is subjected to a temperaturevariation of from room temperature to a temperature withinthe range ...

Chornet Esteban, Valsecchi Boris, Drolet Guillaume, Gagnon Martin, Nguyen Betty: Production and conditioning of synthesis gas obtained from biomass. Enerkem, Chornet Esteban, Valsecchi Boris, Drolet Guillaume, Gagnon Martin, Nguyen Betty, SOFIA Michel, November 5, 2009: WO/2009/132449 (12 worldwide citation)

A method of producing end treating synthesis gas in which a biomass-rich material is gasified in a gasifier containing a fluidized bed at a temperature that does not exceed 750°C to produce a crude synthesis gas product. The crude synthesis gas then is quenched, scrubbed, and then subjected to at le ...

Nandi Biswanath N, Macphee John A, Ciavaglia Lynn A, Arsenault Roger, Chornet Esteban: Valorisation du charbon par reaction sous atmosphere riche en oxygene et hydrogene, Upgrading process for inert rich oxidized coal. Majesty, KIRBY EADES GALE BAKER, February 2, 1988: CA1232219 (2 worldwide citation)

- 1 - Abstract: A process for upgrading low quality, highly oxidized coals to make them more suitable for carbonization, combination or liquefaction. The process comprises reducing (e.g. grinding) the coal to a particle size of 60 mesh (about 250� ) or less, feeding the resulting pulverized coal to ...

CHORNET ESTEBAN: Production of synthesis gas through controlled oxidation of biomass. ENERKEM, Prince Gaétan, June 24, 2010: WO/2010/069068 (2 worldwide citation)

A process for producing synthesis gas from biomass in which biomass is contacted with oxygen and steam, wherein the oxygen is present in an amount effective to oxidize the biomass partially and to heat the biomass to a temperature of at least 500°C and no greater than 750°C At least a portion of the ...




Bangala Denis Ngoy, Chornet Esteban: Catalyseur de reformage a la vapeur et sa methode de preparation, Steam reforming process catalyst and preparation method thereof. Bangala Denis Ngoy, Chornet Esteban, Enerkem Technologies, GOUDREAU GAGE DUBUC, July 27, 2004: CA2114965 (1 worldwide citation)

L'objet de la pr�sente invention est de pr�senter un catalyseur am�lior� ayant la composition chimique approximative suivante : Ni . Cr/MgO.La2O3.Al2O3. La pr�sente invention comporte aussi un proc�d� de pr�paration du catalyseur de l'invention. Le catalyseur de l'invention a trait au domaine du r�f ...

Jollez Paul, Chornet Esteban: Procede de preparation dune cellulose microcristalline de grande purete, exempte de produits chimiques, a partir dune cellulose produite chimiquement, Process for preparing a high purity chemical-free microcrystalline cellulose from a chemically produced cellulose. Kemestrie, Kemestrie, ROBIC, November 25, 1999: CA2313261 (1 worldwide citation)

A high purity chemical-free microcrystalline cellulose having a low degree od polymerization can be obtained by a process that does not require the use of any acids such as HCl, H2SO4 as are needed in conventional acid hydrolysis processes. This process comprises the steps of preparing a pulp by rep ...

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