Chiang Pei Hsuan, Chan Chien Hung, Chiu Ting Sung: Display method. Chimei Innolux Corporation, Qun Kang Technology, luo xicong, May 9, 2012: CN201110037418

A display method including the following steps is provided. In a first frame, a first image is displayed by a plurality of first regions of a display area of a display apparatus, and a dark image is displayed by a plurality of second regions of the display area of the display apparatus at the same t ...

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The invention discloses a multiple-power-domain static timing analysis. Embodiments of a computer system, a method, an integrated circuit and a computer-program product (i.e., software) for use with the computer system are described. These devices and techniques may be used to perform STA for circui ...

Weng Yu Shih, Chiu Ting Hui: Spinal dynamic stabilization device. Industrial Technology Research Institute, chen xiaowen, May 9, 2012: CN200980159525

The invention discloses a spinal dynamic stabilization device (10) for relieving low back pain through increasing foramen route of spine stenosis patients. Each vertebra includes a spinous process and symmetric pedicles. The spinal dynamic stabilization device (10) includes a main body (11), a folda ...